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Xinjiang Tianhui Xunda Elevator Co., LTD. vljdld.yjhm.netEstablished on January 28, 2015,The registered capital is 50 million RMB,Registered in Room 05-1-06, 22 / F, Haowei Building, 895 South Beijing Road, Xinshi District, Urumqi, Xinjiang,Office area of nearly 600 square meters,The company consists of sales department, finance department, administration department, engineering department, maintenance department,Is a specialized elevator products sales, installation, repair, maintenance, decoration, old model elevator technical transformation of professional limited liability company。According to the market and customer needs, our company has obtained the elevator manufacturers in Xinjiang sales, installation, maintenance authorization, agents of major brands, medium, high, low, grade elevators。After years of efforts, our company has developed into a strong elevator company, and has been affirmed and praised by users and elevator manufacturers。

After steady development and growth year by year, the company has become an enterprise with a certain scale and strong economic and technical strength, and enjoys a good reputation in the society。At present, the company has 82 employees,Among them, there are 4 senior professional title personnel,There are 6 people with intermediate titles,There are 12 junior professional title personnel,25 technicians,And obtained the "Elevator installation, Renovation and Maintenance B Qualification Certificate" issued by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,The company has strong technical force,The technicians have rich experience in equipment operation and field service,Can provide customers with perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service,Solve the customer's worries。

Since the establishment of the company,Through the unremitting efforts of all staff and the strong support of all sectors of society,The elevator products sold, installed and maintained by our company have been widely used in the construction of major projects such as subways, airports, railways, office buildings, hotels, offices, supermarkets, residential buildings and other areas in Xinjiang, and have received good reputation from users and all walks of life,It has made a small contribution to the vigorous development of Xinjiang。

Company reputation, abide by the contract, established a complete set of service mechanism, such as free commissioning and maintenance during the product quality guarantee period, more than the product quality guarantee period is still responsible for lifelong technical consultation, free training of technical personnel, priority to provide spare parts。And for each user to establish a service file, you can timely understand the user's opinions on our company's technology and services。

The company spirit of "quality first, service first, common development, complementary advantages, innovative cooperation, win-win" concept, and you hand in hand to create a better life!

If there is a need for elevator products and services, please contact us0991-5269988

Company name: Xinjiang Tianhui Xunda Elevator Co., LTD

Enquiry telephone:0991-5269988

Company address: Room 2-1201, Building, Xinjiang Fujian Economic Headquarters, No. 489, North First Road, High-speed Railway, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Urumqi, Xinjiang

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